What we do

RIZON is a lifestyle, community brand & esports organization focused on competitive gaming, influencer marketing, entertainment & community building.

RIZON was founded in early 2021 by Julian Crestani, Janne Mann and Tim Willer. Since the beginning of the company, RIZON has focused on influencer marketing. Here, RIZON works exclusively with artists. In addition, RIZON takes over the procurement of advertising partners to non-exclusive artists and accompanies the partners in the development of the marketing campaign.

In addition to influencer marketing, RIZON focuses on competitive gaming. Here, RIZON is already represented in titles such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, COD, Rocket League & VALORANT. The respective teams play in the Prime League, 99 Damage League, Project V and other competitions.

What does RIZON mean?

We will

True to the motto #tothehoRIZON, our ambition lies in the continuous growth of all areas.


We are not just esports and influencer marketing. We are a community, a brand, a FAMILY.

We are all part of the ZONE, we are all RIZON.

Who is behind RIZON?

Julian Crestani
Janne Mann
Tim Willer
Max Gundlach